Living conditions and regulations


·       The camp is divided into different and autonomous sections.

·       Each section holds built bungalows with bunk beds.

·       Each Bungalow includes a bathroom and can host 8 – 10 children plus 1 team leader.

·       Our staff (teachers, trainers etc.) sleeps in rooms of up to 6 people with a shared bathroom.

·       Large number of shared bathrooms, both interior and exterior, for your personal hygiene.

·       There is no laundry room in the camp. The closest one is at a village close to the camp (charge approximately 5 euros per time)


  • There are 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner).
  • The menu is prix fixe.
  • Team/ Group leaders serve the food to the campers.
  • Dishes, cutlery and food remainings should be brought by the campers to the counter.
  • Trainers/coaches/teachers are responsible to leave the campers’ tables clean.
  • Also, they should clean their own table after eating.
  • Meal times should be strictly followed. If your group is late, the kitchen might not be able to serve you properly.

Safety – Medical centre

•    Experienced team leaders are always on duty to care for the children.

•    Qualified life guards and trainers accompany the kids to the pool, the sea and coach them during all their sports activities.

•    The camp has its own security guards and a security team ensures the campers are safe 24 hours a day.

•    The camp has a fully equipped medical centre which operates 24 hours.

•    The staff consists of two doctors, three nurses and a stand by driver in case of an emergency.

•    The medical centre is supported by two health centres: Kassandra (11 km away from the camp) and Moudania (15 km away from the camp). For more serious occurrences we use the hospital in Thessaloniki.

•    The camp provides medical care for all children.

•    In case one of the campers has a medical problem we take him to the medical center and inform his/her teacher/trainer.

•    If the doctor decides the camper has to sleep in there, we transfer him directly to the camp’s medical center (Surely, this happens in case of high fever and vomiting).



·       The camp provides Wi-Fi access

·       The camp has a kiosk (water, refreshments, snacks)

·       The closest village to the camp is Nees Fokies which is located 1,5 Km away from the camp (15 minutes on foot).There you can find a super market and many shops.



·         Campers are not allowed to leave the camp without their parents (or their group leader in case of an excursion).

·         Everyone should respect the midday rest and sleeping hours.

·         Everyone should respect each other at the camp.

·         Alcohol is not allowed at the camp.

·         Smoking is permitted in designated areas and not in front of children.

·         Valuable items should be stored at the camp’s safe.

·         Our camp is not taking any responsibility on possible loss of items.