Daily menu

Renovation works started at our restaurant in 2013, until 2014 when it took its final form. There has since been a new kitchen with professional, brand new, cutting edge technology  equipment for the food’s preparation and serving.

In advance, significant improvements have been done in the wider dinning area where children have their meals.

A big group of people hold responsibility of the preparation and serving of the meals, so as food is always healthy and tasty for our campers!

Children take their place at the dinning area in turns, based on their house and section and they get served by the camp’s staff.

Below, you can see our weekly menu!



Lunch :
Chicken with rice, salad

Dinner :
Macaroni in tomato sauce, feta cheese

Vegetarian option: Green beans


Lunch :
Meat balls with baked potatoes or lentil soup, salad

Dinner :
Calzone and juice

Vegetarian option: Lentil soup


Lunch :
Baked pasta with sauce and meat, yogurt sauce (tzatziki)

Dinner :
Penne carbonara, feta cheese

Vegetarian option: Vegetable patty


Lunch :

Fish fingers with baked potatoes and carrots, salad

Dinner :
Pizza and juice

Vegetarian option: Pizza margarita


Lunch :
Steak with french fries or green beans, salad

Dinner :
Spaghetti Bolognese, yogurt dessert

Vegetarian option: Peas



Lunch :
“Soutzoukakia” (minced meat balls) with rice and peas, salad

Dinner :
Hot dog

Vegetarian option: Bean soup



Lunch :
Chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes, yogurt sauce (tzatziki)

Dinner :

Vegetarian option: Mix vegetables with rice

* Lunch is accompanied with  bread and fruit daily

** The menu may differ due to possible shortage of certain supplies or any other important reason

*** Before your arrival, you should inform us about any special dietary requirements