Below you will find information about the camp’s facilities.

  • Our camp is divided into 6 different and autonomous sections.
  • Each section holds attractively built bungalows with bunk beds.
  • Each bungalow has a bathroom included and can host 8 – 12 children with safety and comfort

The years 2012, 2013 , 2014, 2015 we rebuilt major part of our rooms which now consist of  bungalows with en-suite bathroom.

Our restaurant is fully equipped with the latest technology. A qualified team of people is responsible for the catering services and ensures the camp has all the needed food supplies. They supervise the preparation as well as the serving of meals. They guarantee that the food is always fresh, tasty and healthy.

In our camp you can find 30 different sports activities all fully equipped, situated in the central part of the camp to facilitate easy access from all camp sections.

Visit the sports section for more details.

The entertainment area what we call “The Theatre” is one of the most enjoyable experiences at the camp. The entertainment programme takes place there: songs, educational games, movie nights and talent contests. Whatever the theme of the evening is, it always ends up to a huge celebration, with dances, songs and any other innovative ideas the camp staff or children can come up with.