Entertainment activities

There are some special nights in the entertainment program that the kids like very much and they are also very important for the camp.

>International night: A night with traditional dances from different countries and many other cultural events.

>Masque pool party: A party next to the pool in which we are all dressed up in handmade, innovative costumes.

>Sport tournaments: Tournaments which take place between several teams and there are also winners who win special prizes.

>Song Contests: It’s a contest where the groups compose a song with special lyrics and they sing it in front of the other groups.

>Games (Boys VS Girls): Several games and competitions. This night takes place at the camp’s theatre and we have 2 competitors; the boys’ team and the girls’ team.

>Treasure hunting: a fun game where we search for hints and hidden objects. There are several missions to complete and riddles to solve.

>Overnight at the seaside: We play guitar, we light a fire, we sing, we dance and eventually we fall asleep in our sleeping back next to the sea.